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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Beginnings

Starting a new job is like starting a new romance. There's the usual questions. Should I have stayed with my old boyfriend? Should I have stayed at my old job? Was it really so bad, with him? Was it really so bad, working there? He made me miserable, but there were such good times... It made me miserable, but there were such good times... 
You get the picture. Same questions, and almost the same story. But then, starting the new job, which is really just a new relationship, is so exciting sometimes. Learning new things, about the person you're with, the people you work with; what is expected of you; what you can bring to the relationship (either one), that's new and different. If you're a good girlfriend, or a good worker, then you always have something to bring to the table that the person you're with, or the company you work for, will not expect and will be grateful to gain.
The key is to remember that with all pain- the pain of losing something you were used to, that you were comfortable with- the pain of learning something new, restyling the way you relate to someone, coming home with sore feet- is worth the change of perspective. That change, in and of itself, is generally meant to be a good thing. Maybe the guy you've found, or the job you quit your last job for, is not going to be forever- but nothing is. Everything you do will help you learn that much more, so that one day you will be an old woman sitting on her front porch saying, "I did that. And I'm so glad I did, because that's what led to...."

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