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Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't be a jerk

Make life easier for other people! I hate it when I see someone litter, or leave their tray of dirty food on the table at the fast food places, or not open a door for someone carrying something heavy.... You get the idea. Why not take that two seconds of your life to remove one step from someone else’s job or day that might make it just a little better? This applies to so many things- throwing your change in the Salvation Army bucket during the holidays, donating $1 to whatever cause your grocery store is promoting that month, checking your neighbor’s mail on vacation for them (or even knowing your neighbor’s name- what if they need something? What if they’re old?) Asking a woman crying on the side of the road if she’s okay. Offering a ride to a United States soldier. Being nice to a telemarketer even though you’re not going to buy their shit. Or, even more challenging- being nice to the two young Mormon boys who just interrupted you doing your tarot card reading or *ahem* in a compromising position with your husband (not that that’s EVER happened to me).
Who knows when you’ll need someone to be kind to you and make your day easier? How much do you appreciate it when someone lets you merge into their lane or opens the door for you on your way into your office building?

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